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Cambodia 14 Jakarta 15 Malaysia 16 Bangkok 17

Today's post might be a bit confusing as we skip between cities, provinces and countries. First up we have the Kingdom of Cambodia (14 on the map). Next up we have the City of Jakarta (15 on the map) in the Republic of  Indonesia. Then Malaysia (16 on the map) has separate Crowns for 9 of its 13 provinces and the City of Bangkok  (17 on the map) houses the Palace and Crown of Thailand's King.

Cambodia/Phnom Phen/Royal Palace (Not Displayed 1 crown)

The Crown of Cambodia

The cone shaped crown is of a typical style for a Buddhist monarchy. This is a modern copy of the original gold and gem encrusted crown that was lost during the Lon Nol Coup of 1970.

Indonesia/Jakarta/National Museum (Permanent Display 1 crown)

Crown of Sultan Syarif Kasim II

This Muslim crown called a Mahkota was used by the last Sultan of  Siak who joined his region to greater Indonesia in 1945.  

Malaysia has 9 provinces who have traditional Royal Families and displays of Crown Jewels. Every 2 years one of the provincial monarchs takes office as King of all Malaysia on a rotation basis. The Kingdom of Malaysia has a ceremonial headdress for its King as well. 

Malaysia/Kuala Lampur/Istana Negara Palace (1headdress)

The Tengkolok Dijara or King's Headdress. 

Each of the 9 sultanates has its own crown/headdress kept in the royal palace of the respective state (Photo List incomplete).

The Crown of the Sultan of Selangor

The Headdress of the Sultan of Perak

Crown of the Sultan of Johor

The Crown of the Sultan of Kelantan

Crown of the Sultan of Terengganu

(No Photo)
Sultan of Pehang

(No Photo)
Sultan of Perlis

(No Photo)
Sultan of Kedah

(No Photo)
Sultan of Negeri Sembilan

Thailand/Bankok/Grand Palace (Permanent Display 2crowns)

The Crown of Victory

Buddhist regalia is blessed by the priesthood and thus considered as holy objects, to be worn by the semi divine Kings. This crown, made of gold and set with precious stones was worn by King Bumihbol of Thailand, for his coronation in the early 1950’s. Thailand also boasts a Prince's Crown. 

Crown Prince's Crown

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