Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Namur 45 Barcelona 46

We finally come to the end of our first trip around the world. Second from last we have the Belgian town of Namur (45 on the map) and lastly the great city of Barcelona as promised in our second post (46 on the map)

Belgium/Namur/St. Aubin Cathedral (Permanent Display 1crown)

Reliquary Crown

Belgium as a monarchy does not have any Crown Jewels per say but this crown does however have its home on Belgian soil. It is said to contain a piece of the True Cross and due to Belgium's strictly Catholic Royal family could probably be considered as the closest thing to a Belgian Royal Crown.

Spain/Barcelona/Barcelona Cathedral (Permanent Display 1crown)

Crown of King Martin of Sicily and Aragon

This crown has an almost Moorish feel to its design. It is clearly of a very unique inspiration and looks unlike any other in Europe.

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