Friday, 25 May 2012

Tonga 10 Okinawa 11

Moving on from Hawaii westward our meridian drops below the Equator to the Island Kingdom of Tonga (10 on the map). Here a small Island Kingdom still has a European style local government with a king that is still crowned with a solid gold crown. Above the Equator in Okinawa, Japan (11 on the map) a historic exhibition includes a replica of the crown worn by Okinawa's former independent rulers.

Tonga/Nuku'alofa/Royal Palace of Tonga (Not Displayed 1crown)

The Crown of Tonga 1873

This Crown is made of solid gold and employs European heraldic symbols of Royalty like the cross and the fleur d' lys. It was made in 1873 and although used by the Tongalese kings in their coronation ceremonies, is kept in the Palace which is not open to the public. 

Japan/Okinawa/Shuri Castle (Permanent Display 1crown)

Crown of Okinawa (replica)

This modern replica is made of leather, brass and semi-precious beads. It is made to copy existing records of the original crown and forms part of the historic display at the Shuri Castle in Okinawa. 

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  1. That originated from China, and it was used also used China,and Korea even earlier as second-most-important crown used only for royal ceremony at least in Korea and China.

    1. I mean crown of Okinawa. At least about 200 years ago. Okinawa had been independent country. This Crown created in China, and first spread to Korea, and lastly Okinawa, i think.