Friday, 1 June 2012

Bhutan 18 Nepal 19 Sri Lanka 20 Kochi 21

This post begins in the small Kingdom of Bhutan (18 on the map) then moves to Bhutan's western neighbour Nepal (19 on the map). We move only slightly west from here but drop far south to the Island Nation of Sri Lanka (20 on the map) and we end off in the City of Kochi (21 0n the map) on the south western tip of India.

 Bhutan/Thimpu/Tashichho Dzong (Not Displayed 1 crown)

The King of Bhutan wears the traditional Raven's Crown. It is seemingly embroidered with gold thread and includes precious stone beads. 

Nepal/Katmandu/Royal Palace (Permanent Display 1crown)

The now ousted King of the former Kingdom of Nepal is seen here wearing the Crown of Nepal less than a decade ago. It is made of gold and includes large diamonds, rubies and emeralds and pearls. Its distinctive feature is the large feather which is reserved for the King's Crown only as many nobles wear similar crowns. 

Sri Lanka/Colombo/ Colombo Museum (Permanent Display of  1 crown)

The Crown of  Sri Vikrama Rajasinha, King of Kandy 1798

The Kingdom of Kandy was an independent state until it was ceded to the British Empire in 1815. Since then the Crown of the former King has been displayed as a historical object. 

India/Kochi/Thripunithura Hill Museum (Permanent Display 1crown)

The Crown of Kochi

Once an semi-dependent kingdom, Kochi's rulers established this crown as the symbol of the city-state's kings. Made of gold and precious stones, this crown has a weird tradition attached to it. The crown was never worn on the head but was rather held on the lap of the king while seated in state upon the throne.  

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