Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mexico City 8 and Honolulu 9

As we crossed the Americas I realized something concerning my blog. In Washington DC there are separate displays containing Royal Tiaras and another display of a Papal Tiara. Elsewhere in America we find displays of Episcopal Crowns and in South America there is a Crown of the Andes made from gold and emeralds for a statue of Mary. This means we will have to take a second trip around the world focusing on, Papal Tiaras, episcopal Crowns and Royal Tiaras. I thing the crowns made especially for the Virgin Mary would have to fall in another category. There is obviously also a need to touch on ancient crowns like those in Egypt. For this we would also have to make a round trip. 

In this post we move further west and reach Mexico City (8 on the map). In a similar story to Brazil, Mexico was once ruled by a Royal hailing from a European Royal Family. The Mexican monarchy ended in a bloody revolution but its history and a replica of the Imperial crown can still be seen today. Across the Pacific, in Hawaii (9 on the map), we find the most unlikely exhibit of the Kings of Hawaii.

Mexico/Mexico City/Casa Imperiale Chapultepec (Permanent Display 1crown)

The Crown of Mexico (replica)

 This carved copy is merely painted gold but is a relatively good representation of what the Crown of Mexico looked like. The style of the crown includes aspects reflecting the Imperial Crown of  Austria and that of Napoleon. 

Hawaii/Honolulu/Iolani Palace (Permanent Display 2crowns)

The King and Queen's Crowns of Hawaii. 

Hawaii also sported an autonomous monarchy, with Palace and Crowns, in the 1800's. The "Kingdom" of Hawaii was the Europeanized version of the historic Chiefs of Hawaii. This form of government is now fully abolished but the descendants of the ancient chiefs still live on the island chain.

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  1. .... years ago i saw a photograph of what i recall to be a Hawaiian crown in gold and emeralds ... and have been searching for an image of it but have yet to find one .... im beggining to wonder if i imagined seeing the image in the National Geographic back in the 1960's iirc .... several intensive google image searches have turned up nothing like it ...

    1. I think you might have confused it with another crown. This one perhaps.

  2. "Hawaii also sported a semi autonomous monarchy".

    The Hawaiian Kingdom was not semi autonomous. It was a recognized independent nation until a coup supported by US business and military interests abolished the Monarchy and incorporated Hawaii into the US without the consent of the Hawaiian people. See Public Law 103-150.

    1. Also the Hawaiian Crown Jewels are on permanent display at 'Iolani Palace, not the Bishop Museum. It hasn't been at the Bishop Museum since 1986.

    2. Thank you Adam for the updated information. I have since edited my post.