Monday, 21 May 2012

Cardiff and leaving the British Isles 4 and Lisbon and Machado de Castro 5

We move slightly more westward and reach Cardiff in Wales (4 on the map). As we leave Great Britain we have to mention that there are other very small exhibits just worth the mention dotted through the Isles. Just below Wales on the meridian we find Portugal and its capital city Lisbon. We place it with Machado de Castro (5 on the map) due to Portugal being a small country. 

Britain/Cardiff/National Museum and Gallery (Permanent Display 1crown)

Crown of the Prince of Wales 1969

In an attempt to showcase contemporary British design and technology, this new coronet was made for the investiture of Prince Charles in 1969. Many consider this crown to be ugly but it does however, remain as a historical reflection of the typical jewellery style of the late 60s and as such, should be appreciated and preserved. Employing the cutting edge technology from the 60’s called lectroforming, this coronet is made from Welsh gold and set with diamonds and Welsh emeralds. It retains the prescribed symbology of a true Prince of Wales’ coronet, including the single arch. 

Several titled families in Britain have opened their ancestral homes to the public. These "working museums" display various historical artifacts which often include the heraldic coronets related to the various peerage titles. please take note that the male and feamale coronets for each rank are exactly the same except a lady's coronet is smaller. The Jeweller Garrard's also keeps in its vaults many of the official coronets as a repository, until these will be required for the next coronation which is the only time they are required to be worn. 

Britain/Various Locations/Private (Displays various peerage coronets)

A coronet for a Princess of the First Blood

A coronet for a Prince of the Second Blood

A coronet for a Prince of the Second Blood in the Direct Line

A Duke's coronet

The coronet worn by a Marquess

A coronet for an Earl (the British version of a Count)

A Viscount's coronet

The coronet for a Baroness

Portugal/Lisbon/Ajuda Palace (Permanent Display 1crown)

Essentially a heraldic ornament made from gold, this crown is never worn but like its Spanish counterpart was just displayed at official functions as a symbol. it isn't set with any stones. 

Portugal/Machado de Castro/National Museum (Permanent Display 2crowns)

Renaissance Crown 1550

Silver Crown

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