Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rio De Janeiro 6 and Washington DC 7

We cross the Atlantic and the Equator as our imaginary meridian reaches west to Rio De Janeiro (6 on the map). Very few people would expect a Crown Jewel display in South America but Brazil was once an Empire with a European style Emperor descended from the Portuguese Royal House of Braganza. On the outskirts of Rio lies Petropolis and the Imperial Palace. Then we keep on towards Washington DC in the U.S.A. (7 on the map). Here we also unexpectedly find a European Crown from the Russian Imperial Collection.

Brazil/Petropolis/Imperial Museum (Permanent Display 2crowns)

The Imperial Crown of Don Pedro II of Brazil

The Imperial Crown of Don Pedro I of Brazil, later used as The Empress Crown


Moving on to the United States. From there many wealthy American magnates bought up large quantities of European jewellery collection after the First and Second World Wars toppled monarchies and left the continent ravaged financially.

USA/Washington DC/Hillwood Museum (Permanent Display 1crown)

The Nuptial Crown/Coronet of the Romanov Brides

This crown, made from sections of a diamond belt was used by members of the Romanov Imperial Family to adorn the head of their brides. It was worn at the back of the head in conjunction with the Pink diamond Tiara which was worn above the brow. It came to America after it was purchased by a collector at the famous sale of the Imperial Jewels by the Communist Government after the Russian Revolution.


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