Sunday, 27 May 2012

Beijing 12 and Brunei 13

We have reached China and its greatest city, Beijing (12 on the map). The Chinese Empresses had some elaborate headpieces which could be seen as "crowns" from a western mindset and there are at least two separate exhibits containing these. Next we move to the tiny Sultanate of Brunei (13 on the map). An oil rich independent state neighbouring Malaysia, its ruling sultan also displays his crown. 

China/Beijing/Forbidden City Palace Museum (Permanent Display 1crown)

Ming Dynasty Crown for an Empress

China/Beijing/Dingling Museum (Permanent Display 4crowns)

Ming Dynasty Crown for an Emperor

Ming Dynasty Crown for an Empress

Ming Dynasty Crown of an Empress

Ming Dynasty Crown of an Empress

All the crowns displayed at the Dingling Museum came from excavated tombs. It was the tradition of the Ming Royals to be buried with large quantities of their valuables.

Brunei/Bandar Seri Begawan/Royal Regalia Building (Permanent Display 2crowns, other diadems)

 The Crown of the Sultan of Brunei. 

This crown called a Mahkota  is used to actually crown the Sultan. It is made of solid gold in the traditional style of the region. 

The Crown of the Crown Prince of Brunei.

The Nuptial Headdress of the Crown Princess of Brunei. 

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