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Moscow 24

Now that we reach Europe again we have arrived at the biggest concentration of Crowns in the world. Our next stop traveling westward is a large enough collection to be handled by itself. This is the Imperial collection of historic Crowns in the Kremlin Moscow (24 on the map)

Russia/Moscow/Kremlin (Permanent Display 14crowns, 1 empty frame)

The Imperial Crown of Russia

The “miter style” crown is only used by two imperial courts, that of the Holy Roman empire and Imperial Russia. It signifies the close association between these imperial offices and the respective churches, nl. Russian Orthodoxy and Rome. This crown strongly resembles an orthodox miter. Wrought in silver and set with thousands of diamonds and a single large spinel, it truly shows forth the glorious natural wealth of Russia and the once magnificent Romanov dynasty. 

The Empress Consort Crown of Russia.

Set entirely of diamonds, there used to be two of these crowns in the collection but one was sold after the revolution by the Bolsheviks along with many other pieces. It is a "small" crown similarly in size to that of Queen Victoria's. 

Crown of Anna Ioannovna

An older version of the mitre style imperial crown. Made for Czarina Anna Ioannovna and containing diamonds and spinel. 

The Astrakh Crown

Also called the Cap of Kazan, this helmet-like crown was owned by the famous, Ivan the Terrible, first Czar of all the Russias

The Monomakh Crown

The origin of this piece attempts to be legendary but it is however uncertain. Dated around the 14th century and probably of Byzantium manufacture, if not just inspired by it. It does however prove the romantic fascination the early rulers of Russia had with the Byzantian ideal and marks the true bond between them and the Orthodox faith.

One of many lesser Bolshevic style crowns

Crown of Peter the Great

Another lesser Bolshevik Crown made of gold and precious stones and trimmed with fur

A replica of the Crown of Kazan made from gold and precious stones for the Imperial Family to be worn to a costume ball

The Altabas Crown of Ivan V

A Bolshevik Crown made for Nicholas II to wear to a Costume Ball

An empty frame

Crown of the Order of Malta

The head of the Order of Malta is an elected Princely Title in its own right. They are called; His Eminent Highness, the Prince and Grand Master of the Order of Malta. Paul I of Russia was elected to this position and had this crown made especially for this title. Even though the Order exists to this day and continues to be lead by an elected Prince, the crown however remains in Russia on display in the Kremlin.

Two nuptial crowns called "Stefana". These belonged to the Count Pushkin and was used by his family during the Orthodox wedding ceremonies.

Russia/Moscow/State Historic Museum (Permanent Display 1crown)

Crown of Swedish origin

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