Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tehran 22 Antananarivo 23

Remember we are moving west on a North to South Meridian which now reaches one of the largest Nation Jewel Treasures in the world. The Tehran Bank houses the Crown Jewels of the former Persian Empire (22 on the map). Far South our imaginary meridian reaches only slightly west to the capital city of Madagascar, Antananarivo (23 on the map) which like Hawaii also has a Royal Crown. 

Iran/Teheran/Bank of Teheran (Permanent Display 4crowns)

The Pahlavi Crown

Used by Reza Shah Pahlavi for his coronation in 1926, this crown was also used at the coronation of Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi, the last Shah of Iran. Made of gold, silver and red velvet, it is set with pearls, 5 emeralds and 3380 diamonds, of which the largest weighs 60 carats.

The Crown of the Shahbanu of Iran

The wife of the Shah was known as the Shahbanu Farah Diba. this crown was made especially for her to wear at the coronation. It is made from diamonds, rubies, large carved emeralds and pearls. 

The Kiani Crown

The former crown of the Shah's of Iran typically is of far more ancient craftmanship.

The Crown of the Shazada of Iran

The Crown Prince and heir to the throne is known as the Shahzada and this is the traditional crown of the Shahzada. 
Madagascar/Antananarivo/Rova Palace Museum (Permanent Display 1 crown)

The Crown of Ranavalona III of Madagascar

The crown was damaged in a fire in recent years but is still in such a condition as to be exhibited. 

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