Friday, 20 July 2012

Corsica 41 Switzerland 42 Netherlands 43

Corsica (41 on the map) houses the Napoleon Museum. Switzerland (42 on the map) also exhibits a replica crown and the monarchy of the Netherlands (43 on the map) has two crowns but does not display them other than at official events.

Corsica/Ajaccio/Bonaparte Museum (Permanent Display 1 crown/wreath)

Napoleon's Wreath

This is a replica of the Gold Wreath used by Napoleon in his Roman Empire inspired coronation.

Switzerland/Grandson/Castle Museum (Permanent Display 1 crown)

The Crown of Charles the Bold

This is a modern replica of the crown or rather bejewelled hat worn by Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy as he wore in battle.

Netherlands/The Hague/Noordeinde Palace (Not Displayed 2crowns)

The Crown of Willem I of the Netherlands

The Crown of William II of the Netherlands

The Dutch Monarchy does not exhibit its Crown Jewels but rather only uses them in display at the Investiture Ceremony of  the Monarch and State Portraits. The Crown of Willem II is more often used as it is considered the official Crown. There is however no precedent for which can be used. The Crown of Willem I was used in the State Portrait of Queen Juliana and can be clearly discerned due to the large cross on the top. Queen Beatrix on the other hand has had the Willem II Crown displayed at her Investiture and State Portrait

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  1. The crowns haven't been displayed at any funeral last century. It has never been used at State Opening of Parliament, only at investiture ceremonies (or for state portraits)
    The Crown of Willem II is the official state crown, it is the heraldic Dutch crown and has been used at every ceremony since his investiture.

    1. Thank you very much for the clarifying information Rick. I will edit my post.